Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Autographed Copies of He's the Weird Teacher

Full Disclosure: This is a strange post to be writing.

I have been getting messages asking about getting autographed copies of He's the Weird Teacher. First off, wow that's really cool. Second, make sure you keep the book in mint condition afterwards because someday you'll be able to sell it on ebay for tens, possibly dozens, of dollars.

I do want to help people out who want autographed copies of the book, so I've been trying to figure out the best way to make it possible without being difficult. I've come up with a few choices-

1) Go to your perfered online bookseller (amazon and createspace have paperbacks) and order the book, but have it sent to my home instead of yours. It comes to me, I sign it, then I send it on to you. Through paypal you pay me to ship it to you. Obviously, to do this you need to get in touch with me on the tweets  so you know where to send it. This is kinda creepy though, so you might like option two better.

3) I have copies in my home. DM me on the tweets or email me (the weirdteacher@gmail.com) and let me know you want one and we'll work it out that way. Total book costs for in country shipping is $14 media mail and $17 priority. That is the book plus shipping and that's all. What kind of a jerk charges for his signature?

3) In the non-creepiest and/or funniest way possible, find me in person and ask me to sign it. Hell, I'll sign your e-reader cover that way too. I'll even take a picture with you and the book*.

Unfortunately, I don't have the money to pay to ship the signed copy to you, so I've added a link over on the sidebar which will connect to my paypal account. I'll tell you how much shipping will be, you put that into the paypal account, then I'll send your signed copy out.

So yes, getting a signed copy will be a little more expensive because you'll be paying for shipping, but imagine the look on the faces of all your coworkers and friends and family members when they unwrap that present at Christmas and see, "Dear Your Name Here, You're an awesome human person. Read carefully. There will be a test. -Doug Robertson". You can't buy joy like that.

Happy reading, and don't forget to leave those reviews on Amazon! Thanks!

*picture cost $56 per person per picture**

**unless you can quote Holy Grail, Spinal Tap, Jaws, or Legally Blonde to me. Then the fee is waived.


  1. Or get a hold of Doug's mom and she'll be seeing him and will get your copy signed for you. :)

  2. I can quote all of those movies to you! Yesss!!!