Monday, August 19, 2013

In the Mail!

It's in the mail.
There is a paperback copy of He's the Weird Teacher being printed, cover and all, as we speak. Soon it will be in the mail. Approximately ten days after that it will be in my mailbox.
This paperback copy is my final approval draft. It isn't so much for edits, as that is done and anything wrong is wrong in this edition (I'm sure there are spelling and punctuation things that slipped through, but they should be few and far between), as it is for making sure the layout, cover, and all that good stuff is like I want.
The website, createspace, is waiting for my approval. I'm pretty sure the amazon page is on deck, and the smashwords page too. When it is ready ready I'll post links to amazon, smashwords, and createspace, because it'll be order-able from all three. I've also set it up so that libraries and book stores can order copies themselves. This will come in handy since the bookstore at my almamater, the University of the Pacific, has told me they would like to carry a few copies. It also means independent bookstores and the University of Hawaii (who makes an appearance kind of) are going to be getting nagging phone calls and emails from me in the next couple of days that will sound something like this:

I appreciate everyone reading this and I'll be calling on you to help spread the word once the book is ready to rock. Big things will be social media sharing and giving it reviews on amazon. Reviews are how things move up the suggestion lists, putting it in front of eyes I'll never be able to reach otherwise.
Thank you for your support. I'll post pictures of the proof once it gets here.

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