Sunday, September 8, 2013

Live in the B&N Store

He's the Weird Teacher is now live in the Barnes and Noble Nook Store! So if you have a Nook and Smashwords was being a pain, now you've got an even easier option.
Just like on Amazon, the Nook Store uses reviews to recommend books to browsers. So if you've bought from one of those two places please please please go and leave a review. I'm not talking about a giant book report, just a sentence or two telling strangers they should spend a couple bucks because it's funny, interesting, whatever you think. I'm not asking for a bunch of five stars, leave what you think it deserves. It won't hurt my feelings. But reviews move stuff around in the computer.
Also, lots of you have been sharing and tweeting and whatnot, which is great. Please keep it up. Chuck Klosterman once said that commercials and ads and advertising don't sell books. The only thing that sells books is a person you trust saying, "Hey, you should buy this book." So please, tell people you think would like it that they will like it.

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