Sunday, December 28, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 37- Let It Go

First person to explain why this is hilarious wins

We are here at the final #WeirdEd of 2014, and I am going to try something I don't ever do. I'm not going to write any questions.

I don't write questions because I don't trust you all. The people who come to #WeirdEd (and #WeirdEdE, obviously) are amazingly smart and bring their A game every chat. If I posed a topic or a thought like #edchat does we would get great stuff. I like writing questions because we get to deeper issues that way. I can steer the conversation without dictating its endpoint. There are things I want to discuss and sometimes to get to the depth and trust I want I have to guide.

Plus I hate being unplanned. I've said before in various forums, but your hour is very important to me and I want to honor it. You take the time to come play with us, I want to bring the best toys I have. And I feel like, to me (and this is not to pass judgement on any other chat), the best way to assure our time is well spent is to plan it somewhat. The topic is a vehicle and we can go unexpected places using that vehicle. We do that all the time.

But this chat is happening on New Year's Eve. Some of you may be in various states of inebriation. New Year's Eve is certainly no time to get deep and serious. Plenty of other chats are doing reflection/looking forward topics and if there's one thing we aren't it's like the other chats. I have a reflection and a looking forward topic/theme planned, but I can save it. We aren't going anywhere.

So this Wednesday I'm going to let it go and let us flow together. We'll use our time together more as a focused coffee talk, a chat around the dinner table, the circle talk that always forms in the kitchen of the party you're at when you don't want to talk to most of the other people. Have something you want to discuss? Bring it up. By now everyone should know #WeirdEd is a safe place to talk about whatever.

To this end there won't be a #WeirdEdE this week. We're gonna to this pajama party all together. None of you are so lame as to be in bed before 7PST on New Years Eve anyway, are you?

*EDIT* I decided since I'm not preparing anything for the chat the topic of the chat this week is preparation. Still no pre-written questions. There, now the format fits the theme. I feel better.

Seriously, it's the same sequence, you guys.

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