Thursday, September 26, 2013

Reading Scheduled- Bloomsbury Books

I have scheduled my first reading of He's the Weird Teacher!!!
I am very excited!!!
I will now show this by abusing the exclamation point key!!!...!!
 Bloomsbury Books in Ashland, OR is one of the two bookstores currently holding a copy of He's the Weird Teacher on consignment. One benefit of that is they are willing to let me have a talk/reading in their store. They will be advertising it on their website and in their newsletter, as well as putting a sign up in the store window, which I think I'm going to create (All information is based on the five minute conversation I had with their planner today. Emails will be exchanged, details will emerge).

Obviously, if you are in the area I would love for you to come. There will be many pictures and possibly some video of the event. I'll be ordering a ton of copies of the book to take with me. And I will quietly fret that it will be me, my wife, and the tiny human there, and at least one of those people will either sleep or cry through the whole thing.

More information and reminders as they come.


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