Friday, January 31, 2014


I wrote about Toof in the book, but we're a few weeks into doing Toof Telling in class now so I thought I'd share a video or two my kids have done.
Yes, I've got permission from every parent to post these online. Really, they are impossible to find because they are Public But Unlisted, so the videos will only be linked to the class blog I keep.
First, an overview from the homework blog about Toof:
We have a new student in our class. Its name is Toof and it’s a monster (puppet). Toof lives in the classroom, but wants a change of scenery. Toof asked to go out and I’ve agreed. So it will be heading to the homes of the students of P5 for sleepovers for the rest of the year.
When Toof visits your home your student will need to write at least one page describing what they did together in Toof’s voice. This will help them write in first person, which is a challenge. (i.e. First person Toof-“ I got to go to Stu’s house this weekend. It was fun. We…”) They will then present this information to the class during Toof Telling Time, presenting using the puppet and whatever voice they feel Toof has.
Students will need to either bring in a photograph or a drawing of themselves with Toof doing something they talk about. With these plus the write-ups we will be able to make a Toof Telling memory book.
I think that this will be a fun way to get the students to write in the first person and to work on presentation and oral communication skills. By taking Toof home and having to remember to bring it back our students will also practice responsibility.
I will be choosing which student Toof goes home with and when. My choice will be based on responsibility displayed in class, completed homework, and behavior. Toof will travel with every student once. Trips will normally happen Friday to Monday and Monday to Weds. Please help your student remember to return Toof on the correct day so that it can go home with another student. Please, when Toof comes to your home, protect our small monster friend from curious pets and baby brothers and sisters. It would be a shame if Toof gets lost or damaged before all of our students are able to hang out with it.
Thank you for your help and for welcoming Toof into your home. If for some reason you would not like Toof to visit please let me know.
 Below is an example of a picture/caption-

Toof loves cake, because monsters love cake. Mmmm, cake cake cake

So that's what the deal with Toof Telling is. Now here's a few of the videos my kids are making. Note- they are simple sit and talk videos. No fancy editing. The purpose right now is just to get used to talking. Maybe when I get more time I'll teach them to use some of YouTube's tools. Again, yes I have permission to post these. Please be cool and don't spread the links around.

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