Monday, March 24, 2014

Speaking to Pacific's Student Teachers

I was recently honored to go back to my alma mater, the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, to speak with a group of student teachers about teaching.
The talk went great, the students asked fantastic questions, and I think (and have been told by their professor) that they learned a lot from me.
We discussed many of the things new teachers worry about, like how to deal with difficult parents, motivating students. homework and grading, transitions, and discipline.
I created a slide show (not a boring one, I promise) and transferred a lot of the important points to a document which was printed out and given to them. If you'd like to view the document, click here.
I hope, and the professor, dean, and I discussed this, I will be able to come back and speak to more student teachers next year. I deeply love student teachers. They are the future of us and it is our job to guide them and help them grow into the best possible teachers they can be. We need to influence them to teach like we believe teaching should be done.
And now, a bunch of pictures my best friend's wife, Meghan Camino, took during my talk.

Telling them how handsome I am

Excitedly making a point

Two points

Making myself yawn, I guess?

Walk Like a Teacher Lessons

I met a kinder teacher, I express my love

Auditioning for Iago

The boy distracting the dean

Listening to a question

The boy distracting the front row

But who wouldn't be distracted by him?

Energetically speaking

Love Thyself

First down

I can't not speak with my hands

Good question

Smile. Smile smile smile

Shocked by my slide

How To Count

The boy being more interesting than me

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