Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 4- Weird Kids


We love our kids.
Kids are hilarious and strange and goofy and weird and fun. They can't help it, they are miniature (for some of us) adults. And re should rejoice in the oddness that they bring.
So this week I'd like to talk about our kids. I want to talk about specific students and specific times and interactions that we've had. How they make us feel and how we've dealt with that. I want to talk about when they are just off the wall nutty.
And I want to make clear that none of this is mean-spirited. As teachers it's our right to tell stories about the small humans under our charge. It's one of the ways we stay sane. We are not making fun of the students tonight, we are not laughing at them.
I think, I know, that the weird kids don't always know they are the weird kids. They don't understand that what they are into isn't what everyone else is digging. To them everyone else is the weird kid. We must be able to see that, and to nurture that.
Yes, this is inspired by Chapter 26 of He's the Weird Teacher: Sympathy for the Weird Kid. If you like the chat and the questions you'll like the book.

**Some Things To Think About**

What's the strangest thing a kid have ever said to you? Do you remember a goofy story? How important is empathy in your classroom? What is your tolerance level for weirdness in your classroom? Can you train your kids to go from goofy to serious in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1? Are/Were you the weird kid? How did you know? When did you realize? Have you heard other teachers talk badly about the weird kids? What do you do about it?

***Here is the link to the Qs****

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