Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 32- Spirit Fingers

This week is about the Mid-Year Dregs. But that's negative as all hell and that's not what we at #WeirdEd are about. But I was stuck. Dead in the water. Could not get this week going. I haven't had coffee in two days. Two. Days.

And just like last week, moderator extraordinaire Lauren (@LTaylorELA) swooped in to save the day. I DMed her my idea and she said, "We need a pep squad." And she's right. Pep squad is so much better than Mid-Year Dregs.

Fun Fact- Lauren is her school's cheer coach. And I was a cheerleader in college. Yep, my senior year I cheered and stunted. Threw girls high into the sky and caught them. Lifted them by their feet. Did standing back tucks. The whole nine.

Go Tigers!

I'm spotting on the right
So we don't need a chat about how much of a bummer this stretch of the school year is. We need to #WeirdEd it up and through our spirit fingers into the air* and figure out ways to fight through that.

Pull on your spanx, tape up your wrists, and stretch out those hamstrings. It's time to get some cheerleading going up in here.

*spirit fingers = Gold

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