Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 42- Make a Thing

Last week I wrote about Harnessing the TeacherTwitter Brain. I'd rather you click on the link and read the full thing, but the short and sweet version is we have a ton of smart people at our disposal on twitter and we should be open and trusting enough to work together to plan and prepare. And that's hard to do. It's hard to have faith in your own ideas, your own lessons, and it's hard to be open and vulnerable to other teachers you respect.

After posting that William Chamberlain (@wmchamberlain who you probably already follow but if you don't you should) shared this Doc with me. It's a group-written poetry piece that lives shared on Drive that anyone can edit and add to at any time. He said they used to do stuff like that all the time.

I love this.

So I'm stealing it.

Tonight during #WeirdEd (7PST) and #WeirdEdE (7EST) a link to a Doc will be shared. Very little of the chat is going to take place on twitter. I'll be checking in on twitter and trying to pull in more people, but I won't be asking questions and taking answers.

This is your chance, our chance, to build a lesson or two or five. To say, "Hey, I've got a story about the gold rush coming up, anyone have any ideas?" And then we gather together to build something cool.

The Docs will be completely open. Anyone with the link can add. The Big Goal here is that we build a few totally new and original lessons or projects together tat anyone can take and manipulate to their own ends. Bring ideas that have worked for you before, but let's grow and add as well. You were going to spend the hour with us anyway, let's use that hour to better our planning and our prep and our students' learning opportunities.

Or use the hour to talk on the Doc. Stake out a page and have a conversation. Play around. If you add to the Doc throw your name on it at the top. Add it to your Drive.

Let's make a Thing.


You made a ton of things!
#WeirdEdE Doc
#WeirdEd Doc

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