Tuesday, March 10, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 47- Big Hero Six

I love BIG HERO 6 so much. It's not perfect but it's damn near. It's science-positive, the team is more diverse than any other Marvel team (or superhero movie team we're going to see for some time) both in terms of gender and race, the emotional beats hit hard, and it's funny as hell.

I might like it better than THE LEGO MOVIE. And I looooved THE LEGO MOVIE. I'm not going to spoil the movie here even though you already should have seen it. Go see it.

In BH6 school is an awesome place. The Nerd School is the goal in the first act. It drives our hero Hiro to push himself. The experiments there are fun and science-ish. The team comes together not because they need to fight a Big Bad but because they already were together. The BIG HERO 6 don't have a Nick Fury because they don't need one. They were friends first.

I can't wait to find an excuse to show this to my class and talk about it. I want to bring up GoGo's catchphrase, "Woman up!" and see how my kids react. I want to watch them laugh at Fred being Fred. I want to see who cries.

Baymax. Let's talk about Baymax. I love Baymax. He's perfect and in the tradition of Marvel superheroes he's cooler outside of his suit than in it. Armored Baymax looks cool but that's not who he is. Baymax wants you to rate your pain and wants to give you a sucker. Baymax is huggable.

I'm going to try to write this week's questions so that you don't have to have seen the movie to participate. I'm not trying to exclude people. But stuff will really make more sense if you do see it.

Here's a Character Key because these pictures are awesome and that's pretty much the only reason

Honey Lemon- Science Specialty/Power: Chemical reaction balls that explode/color/burn/stick/etc
Very empathetic

GoGo- Science Specialty/Power: Speed enhanced by maglev wheels
"Woman up!"
Wasabi- Science Specialty/Power: Plasma cutter
Everything in its place

Fred- Science Specialty/Power- Mascot (also fire-breathing and super jump)
The fanboy 

Hiro- Science Specialty/Power- Computer wiz, microbot designer
The leader and reason for team formation

Baymax- Science Specialty/Power: Medical care robot modified for fighting and flight
"Are you satisfied with your care?"

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  1. Big Hero 6 was better than the Lego Movie? That's a pretty big statement because the Lego Movie was awesome. Everything about it was awesome.I'm going to have to check out Big Hero 6 after reading this post. Thanks!