Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 52- Being Yourself Redux

The #WeirdEd Anniversary Band

This week is week 52 of #WeirdEd! Some say they can't believe it lasted this long. Some don't know why it lasted this long. Some still don't know it exists. We hate them the most.

We have had some excellent, important, serious, ridiculous conversations over the last year. I thought about doing a Look Back/Reflection #WeirdEd and we still might at some point but I thought it would be fun instead to go back to the very first #WeirdEd. We've branched into two chats and the number of Weird Teachers who come play has exploded. So here's the very first blog post, I'll be running the same questions with little to no editing (depending on how my ego can take looking back at something I wrote a week ago).

We're going to be talking about how you're yourself in your classroom. Being a Weird Teacher doesn't and has never meant teaching Like Me. That's what THE Teaching Text (You're Welcome) is for.

Look forward to seeing you. Please speak up if you're celebrating your one year with us. I think a few people have been on the ride the whole time.

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