Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 59- Ends

We've reached it, the end of the school year. The bottom of the calendar. Everything has been backed up. As the year rounds out we try to reflect on the end, which isn't always easy to see, even in a mirror. And while our own ends can be easy to get a hand on, it's much more difficult, and often dangerous, to get a feel for someone else's. "But, but, but, Doug!" you cry, "This has been a gas!"
Surely some things have been made out of you and me as the year has gone on, which we will touch on as gently as possible (or not, if you're into that).  All of us have felt like a mule at some point during the year, dragging ourselves out of bed and to and from the classroom. Behind it all is love though. The tail end of the school year is wagging at us. Sometimes it feels like we spent a lot of time doing nothing, but what happens right below the waste is important too. A lot of strengthening happens there when it feels like we're doing squat. So pull up your seat and let's unpack some of the junk in the trunk of the school year. And if you have a brain fart, hey it happens. Relax. try not to be so anal about everything.

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  1. Very clever use of Sir-Mix-A-Lot and song references, Doug. You have more guts than me, but I like it. Congrats on finishing the year.