Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 81- Back to the Future

"Doug, Back to the Future Day was the 21st. You missed it."

No I didn't, loyal reader. I skipped it on purpose knowing that I could go back any time I wanted. There's a storm tonight, I know when the lightning strike will happen, and we can go back, Marty! And then...

Back to the Future gets a lot of love, and most of it is well deserved. Like most pop culture iconography it's importance has been somewhat inflated and skewed by my generation and the one slightly ahead of mine who are clinging desperately to our own past to avoid aging. But it's a pretty great movie, a lot of fun, and has some interesting things to say about who the adults in our lives are, where we've come from, and where we're going. 

We'll be dealing mostly with the first one but it's hard to ignore the second and third since they mostly tie so well together and the date the internet celebrated actually took place during Pt II (completely unplanned at the end of Pt. 1, sequel culture was not what it is today). These movies are pretty easy to tie into school and a surface level. I mean the first one happens predominantly in a high school. It's about who your parents were when they were in high school. It's also about a boy's mom trying to score with him, but everyone's already made that joke so let's move on before someone has to stab their own eyes out with sharp rocks

But #WeirdEd is rarely about the surface level so let's try to dig a little deeper, shall we? Let's talk about Mayor Goldie Wilson and almanacs and being called a chicken and making like a tree and crashing into manure. Let's see if Marty and Doc really did learn anything. (How did they become friends anyway?) 

We're going to have to crank this chat up and get it moving fast though. How fast? About 88mph. Why? I'll hand that over to Doc Brown-

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