Tuesday, March 29, 2016

#WeirdEd Week 100- This Is Our Chat

Week 100.

Holy cow.

How did we get all the way to week 100? That's nuts. And awesome.

I actually know how we got here- you are all the coolest people to ever pick up an edchat. Yes, I try hard and I write good stuff most weeks, but without the incredible #WeirdEd family I'm just some guy talking to myself. Which, honestly, I expected the chat to be. The twitters are flooded with edchats, what's one more? Especially one more about nothing?

That's one of our keys though, innit it? That we're about nothing specific. #WeirdEd can be a chat about whatever I want. Some weeks are serious, some weeks are about narwhals. We cover whatever, which makes us more relevant than any EdChat that simply chats about being relevant. Speed and flexibility. You know, like a teacher ought to be.

This week is about you, the people who make the chat possible. And I handed the question-writing over to you too. Your question can be about anything, any edchat question you want to ask, write it. During the chat I'll randomly through them out and we'll bat them around. You made the chat awesome, you get to make 100. Make 'em good. No pressure.

I've been on this just about every week too. Every once in a while I'll have a gues mod or I'll be on an airplane, but I think we've only officially skipping one or two weeks. Which is pretty damn good since every chat is closely moderated and carefully written. Which is why after 100 I'm taking a month off. Saving my spot and time, #WeirdEd will be back, but I've earn a few weeks off. Maybe I'll spend it doing other writing...

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