Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 46- Dr Seuss

This week of course can have but one topic
You'd have to break my fingers, toes, and nose to stop it
I can't write about anyone but the good Doctor Seuss
(and if you asked him it would rhyme with rejoice)
At #WeirdEd this week we'll gather with glee
And talk up his characters, like the one in the tree
And the one with the egg and the one with the street
And how they sing out to us and make our hearts beat
For Seuss is the best of the best of the best
A champion for children and the repressed
A master of wordplay and the silly mixswirld
Making up words that are used 'round the world
From imagination to loyalty
From war to up to royalty
Suess tackled them all with the greatest care-olity
I have my favorites, and you do at home
For reading to students and all all alone
What ego it takes to write a Seuss rhyme!
I should get out now while I still have the time.
So in #WeirdEd let's visit the Whos and the Sneetches
Oh, the places we'll go should include their warm beaches
This week we'll have joy but also we'll glean
Seuss knew about fun but that fun could well mean
That learning is happening without a bash on the head
Happy birthday, we cry, to the patron saint of #Weirded!

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