Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 88- Future Reflections and Other Nonsense

As it is the final #WeirdEd of 2015 we must look back and look ahead. There's nothing I can do about this. It's in the edchat bylaws which all chat moderators must sign in blood before beginning their chat. However, I've found a loophole. The bylaws say we must reflect and look forward at the end of every year BUT they do not specify to and from which years the reflecting and forward looking must go. 

So let's get weird on this. I'm going to skip 2016 and pretend it's the end of next year. We'll look back on the previous year (which hasn't actually happened yet, are you keeping up?) and reflect on how it went. See? It's like we're looking forward by looking backward. And then maybe we'll look sideways or look way back or way forward. Maybe we'll just chat about how our break has been going for a while. There might be a random moment of noise for Lemmy. 

You might need to pay attention to this chat to know what's going on. Which I think is important. I've said it before but if you can multitask a chat then you aren't really doing the professional development you claim to be doing. My job is to write questions on topics that engage for an hour on a weekly basis. You know, like we all do on a daily basis in our classes. Your job is if you come to the chat to be present in the chat. You know, like you expect your kids to do. 

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