Friday, December 18, 2015


I cast about my class
Someone must know
must have a response
Same hands every time
Find someone new
Pull out a trick
turn and talk
did something stick?
Stand atop a desk
behind a desk  
kneel before the desk.
and dance
and sing for the kids
They dance
and sing back
I joke
they joke
we laugh
together we're in this
Some kids separate
Feeling hurt
Senses sensitive
feelings reeling
by home-life
life on the inside
Need to attend to everyone
gotta keep up with all the kids
and what they need
But what do I need?
Wild-eyed I teach
reach with speech and plans
and do you understands
yes ma'ams.
We push together
Strive together
Fail apart
Fail together
It's not now or never
Or is it
Learning intrinsic
Overthought until you're sick
I metacognate
teaching myself to think
about what I think
about what they think
and how
before it's too late
Try not to think about the end
of the term
of the day
of the lesson
they can sense that
it'll send
it'll burn
them away
Wild-eyed we try
And try
and try
and try
and try
and try
Teaching with a need
Even when I'm sitting
Quietly sitting
Mentally pacing as they
Take the lead
With wild-eyes