Saturday, July 12, 2014

Better Edu-Cliches

All children can learn. It's some adults that have the trouble. #bettereducliches

We are training kids for jobs that don't exist yet. Like teaching, medicine, and law. #bettereducliches 

I model the behavior I want to see out of my students. Unless it's the weekend or a holiday. Or its been a tough day. #bettereducliches 

No student is standardized. Except identical twins. Because identical, duh. Also clones. #bettereducliches 

Kids today are nothing like kids when I was young as long as I forget everything about being young. #bettereducliches 

Would you want to be in your class? Then who would be teaching your class? I don't think you've thought this through. #bettereducliches 

Teaching isn't a marathon or a sprint. It's a mud run in the rain. Messy and fun and kinda squishy if you teach kinder. #bettereducliches 

All PDs should be individual-led. Laws are meaningless. Guidance is unneeded. An unaimed arrow is prettier. #bettereducliches 

Kids need to have time to be kids. Unless they like video games. Those are awful. #bettereducliches

They don't care how much you know until they know how much longer until recess. #bettereducliches 

Worksheets are evil. Until you're writing last minute sub plans, then hell yeah worksheets! #bettereducliches 

Teaching is a work of heart. Until the copy machine dies. Then it's a work of panicked improvisation. #bettereducliches 

Children are not a number. They are ambulatory bags of water, meat, and electricity we sometimes test with numbers. #bettereducliches 

Being a teacher is like having a thousand internet tabs open. Being a teacher w/out coffee is like the network crashing. #bettereducliches

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