Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 16- Flow With It

Tonight's #WeirdEd will be a little change
For some of you it might be kinda strange
 I'm gonna make you think
Make you struggle make you link
 Every answer that you say
Will rhyme this Wednesday
We'll be talkin' 'bout school
How as teachers we are cool
But if the kids could see this chat
They'd laugh, "Ha! Lookit that!"
All your answers to my queries
Better rhyme, my sweet and dearies
Get creative, like the kids are
Get silly, and you'll go far
How smooth can you be
When your trying to rhyme with me
Your classroom is a song
And your teaching must flow along
Sometimes things make the groove skip
How do you handle that kinda bad trip
This chat is #WeirdEd
Led by the voices in my head
Our topic is the Flow
And making your class go
So buckle up and enjoy the show

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