Saturday, January 17, 2015

Donors Choose- Get My Kids Cool Seating

You all did it! Thank you so much!

As anyone who follows this blog or my classroom knows, I've been experimenting with various seating arrangements for my classroom. Changing desk heights, having students bring pillows, and letting them test however they want is a start, but I've been wanting to do more.

Jess Liftshitz (@JessLifTeach) turned me on to using Donors Choose to get more seating options for my kids like she did with hers. (This is turning into a link-heavy post, ain't it?) I wasn't sure at first. I don't like asking people for money, and I expressed that to her. She agreed and said that was her biggest hurdle, but in the end it's not about getting money for ourselves, it's about getting money to help our classrooms and our students. That is an idea I can get behind. This kind of micro-funding can be amazingly beneficial if used right. It's not Kickstarter, donors aren't getting anything in return except the feeling that they helped a teacher and his/her kids do something/get something cool.

So I'm asking please for some help getting my kids some niftiness. I recently got myself a Gaiam Ball chair and it's awesome. My kids need this kind of awesome. My Donors Choose project has beanbag chairs, loungers, Hokki stools, Kore WOBBLE chairs, back jack anywhere chairs, and teacher cubes. If my project funds the seating options in my class will explode. Kids will be engaging their bodies when they engage their minds and research says those two things play very well together.

Please give any little bit so my current class and my future classes can have the chance to not sit in ugly plastic chairs. My kids will love you for it, and so will their teacher.

Just follow the link. Or this link. It's the same link. And, as a special added awesomeness, if you are donating before Jan 24 please enter the code SPARK during checkout and Donors Choose will match your donation dollar for dollar. Get my project funded fast and get my kids some new seating choices. Imagine how much you would have loved your classroom to have something like this. Heck, imagine how great it would be to have something besides a chair to sit in now.

Thank you  for reading, sharing, and (hopefully) donating.  

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