Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#WeirdEdWeek 41: Snow You Didn't

Rumor has it the east coast is under, from what I can tell from twitter, six miles of snow. Last night Facebook and Instagram also went down. What I'm saying is in five years expect big class sizes, east coast kinder teachers!

Snow anyway, we are going to talk about snow this week on #WeirdEd. There's snow doubt about it, snow is on everyone's mind. Snow what else could we talk about this week but the white, the puffy, the cold, the snow.

I don't snow if your snow this, but the news told people to stock up on water before SnowMyGod 2015 hit. I'll say that again in case you don't snow what I'm trying to say.

They told people to stock up on water. Because of snow. You know, just in case people can't get to a water source. Because of all the snow. Snow kidding, right?

I want you all to snow that I do take these kinds of weather emergencies seriously. I lived in Hawaii and once a year the whole island chain would brace and panic for a tsunami because of an earthquake off the coast of Mexico. There never was a tsunami on Oahu while I was there. Big Island got rocked pretty good once though. Snow well.

Snow plays a major feature in one of the most popular children's movies of the last decade: Jack Frost. I mean Frozen. Come on, you snow I didn't really mean Jack Frost. That came out in 1998. Frozen is either a great movie, a bad movie, or it's just ok. I'm not sure. I change my mind every time I watch it or think about it. I think I like it. Mostly.

Snow is something I can't stand. I never want to be around snow. I don't want to step in it or smell it or drive in it or be any closer to it than I'm legally allowed to be to Chris Evans. Snow sucks. it's cold and wet and you have to wear a ton of clothes to be comfortable in it. You snow what sucks? Wearing a ton of clothes.

"Snowly cow!" you must be thinking. "How can you possibly write an education chat about snow?" You forget that I am the mad genius behind the Narwhal chat.

Snow yeah, let's do this.

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