Tuesday, May 5, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 55- Buzzfeed Lists (Number Eight Will Change Your Life!)

I am loath to paint an entire website with the same brush, but it seems to me that Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed-like websites have only one goal- to destroy literacy. Sometimes, rarely, they do good work. There are actual reporters working for Buzzfeed. But be honest, you have no idea if the above image is a real Buzzfeed headline or a fake one. Because it could be either.

Buzzfeed lists are plentiful and easy targets. With nearly everyone in the midst of The Test easy targets are exactly what we need this week. Big, fat, slow, easy targets. The zeppelin of targets. The zeppelin being piloted by a blind hippo of targets.

So I'll be your Buzzfeed editor pitching you ideas and you'll be naming me lists. Or I'll be naming lists and you'll be filling them out. Or a combination of the two.

And in actuality I won't be doing any of that because I'll be busy at a district event and one of my wonderful co-moderators will be taking the reigns.

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