Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 74- Make a Thing Pt 2 (Plus Announcement)

Back with some small changes comes the earlier timezone #WeirdEd, this time called #WeirdEdC! That's right, over the summer attendance to #WeirdEdE had dwindled to nearly nothing but I've been getting requests for an earlier one to accommodate our friends on the wrong side of the country and you've broken me. I'm giving in. 
#WeirdEdC starts this week at 7cst, moderated by Shawna Briseno and Lauren Taylor. If 7pst is too late for you to stay up but you want to get your Weird on, here's your chance. 

Way back in Week 42 I tried an experiment. Rather than do a traditional chat, I created a blank Doc and said, "Make a thing together. Ready...GO!"

The response was incredible. Everyone loved the idea. So we're bringing it back! Again the chat isn't a chat, but a jumping off point to two Docs (one for each chat), where you will work with the most brilliant teachers on twitter on one Doc to create the projects and assignments you've always wanted to make. Pick each others brains without character limits. Break up and start different groups. Share ideas that you love. Ask for help teaching a subject/topic/idea. Then together on one Doc break that problem and build something you can take back to your classroom tomorrow.

I'm putting the links here (please don't use them until Weds at the right time, I know it's tempting but it's cool to come to a fresh Doc with a group and own it together) and they'll be tweeted out repeatedly during the chat.



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