Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Unforgiving Road

My third book, and first novel, came out today! It's called The Unforgiving Road and I'm incredibly proud of it.

I'm supposed to call The Unforgiving Road my third book, but it's kinda not. It's really my first book. I wrote it eight years ago, back when I still had all my hair and no kids and had just started dating my wife and lived in Hawaii. It was a little shorter and much different than the book you're reading about now.

Leading up to summer break last school year I was starting to feel like all I wrote about was education, and I was needing another outlet. So I pulled this out of storage and spent the summer reworking it. I don't think I rewrote every word, but at least 75% of them.

As far as plot, it's a pulpy action-adventure set in the post-apocalypse. The main character is Dia, a brand new full member of the Riders of Rawthe. The Riders are a motorcycle-mounted army who's mission is to defend their land and the land of others from the Angel and his Disciples. Dia ventures out of the Rider's Camp with her friends- twin sisters Skid and Lid, and the thoughtful Eleven. Together they experience the world in all its twists and turns, growing and discovering who they are and who they were.

They are trained to live by the Commandments of the Riders. How well will these rules serve them out on the Unforgiving Road?

Buy The Unforgiving Road on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Createspace, and Smashwords, or reach out to me for your very own autographed copy.

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