Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 15- Sammiches

This week's #WeirdEd is Weird Teacher-less for I will be just finishing Day3 of CUE Rockstar Las Vegas when #WeirdEdE starts and I'll be on an airplane flying home when #WeirdEd starts. Which means that both chats will be piloted by the wonderful and talented Sam Bates (@sjsbates).

In honor of Mrs. Bates, this week's topic is Sammiches.

Let us think about the sammich. Held together often with bread, but not always. And there are so many kinds of bread. And what goes inside a sammich? Anyone who's been to a real sammich shop (yes, I'm going to spell it like that the whole time, get used to it) knows you can put just about anything between those slices. You can have small sammiches or big ones. Some are very simple and some are multi-layered. Some are peanut butter and jelly and some are good.

This feels like a perfect metaphor for education, doesn't it? Everything in education comes in layers. And so much changes if you remove even one piece. So let's think about sammiches.

And a thousand thank you's to Sam for taking over #WeirdEd for me for the night. She's a chat saver.

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