Thursday, April 30, 2015

Illustrate Mr RobertsonI

I wanted to do a fun art lesson so after our blind contour drawing warm-up I told my kids, "I want you to draw your teacher as well as you can. Do your best, have fun. Ready, go." The assignment is cool because the kids get a chance to draw a real human they've seen a lot and I get to see how they see me.
This is some of what I got.
Had some trouble finding my nose. 

I like how many kids added the yardstick I carry around

Sporting my motorcycle gloves

I'm punk rock

Honest- this is the hardest this student has worked
 on something in a long time. So I like it a lot.

Yardstick. Also mini-fro?

"I gave you abs."

I am known for my "Sup!" shirts.

This one is pretty dead-on

If I were in an anime this would be pretty perfect

I love so very much about this one. I'd watch this cartoon.

I've never looked this badass in my entire life

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