Wednesday, April 8, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 51- Bullying

**Ed. Note: #WeirdEdE moderator Shawna Briseno (@nolagirlfromtx) wrote both this blog and the questions for this week's chat. This topic is very close to the heart of everyone at #WeirdEd and I'm thrilled Shawna felt so passionately about it she pursued making it a topic.**

by Shawna Briseno

It’s time to talk about the “B” word. It seems as if it’s always in the news but whatever we’re doing isn't working because it’s still a gigantic problem. Kids are still being bullied for any number of reasons.  

Sometimes those kids who are being bullied do very bad things. Like this:

Or this:

Sometimes they go even farther. We've all heard the stories of kids who commit suicide because the bullying is just too bad. And it’s still happening.

Social media can exacerbate the problem. Instagram, Twitter, name it and kids have used it to spread maliciousness. Oh, and just in case you haven’t heard, there’s now an app for that:

Why, in anyone’s mind, is this possibly a good idea? What responsibility do adults, especially teachers, have to step in when a line is crossed?

So yes, we’re going to talk about bullying. We’re going to decide for ourselves just what bullying is. We’ll talk about how bad it can get and what we can & should do to stop it.  

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