Tuesday, April 21, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 53- Star Wars

I have the same relationship to Star Wars that a lot of nerds do. I love the original trilogy. Episode 4 is perfect, episode 5 is damn near perfect, and episode 6 is a pretty great movie. Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are worthless. Not just because Jar-Jar. They are ugly, dumb, CGI-drenched movies that take everything that was awesome about the originals and messes them up.

I was off the bus. Had been for years. When I heard about the new trilogy, being brought to us by JJ "I Don't Understand Star Trek" Abrams my feelings were mixed but negative. He ruined the best captain of my favorite franchise*. But maybe Star Wars is the place for JJ. After all, he doesn't understand science and SW isn't actually a science franchise. It's Science Fantasy more than Science Fiction. A character describes a unit of time using a unit of distance and no one cares. Not that that's a bad thing, that's what Star Wars is. Maybe, just maybe, JJ is the guy for that.

But I refused to be excited. Not going to happen. Screw you, JJ. And you too, George.

I watched the first teaser. I liked it, it looked nice. But I'm not excited. Nope.

Then the new one hit. The one posted above. And I turned into a quivering mass of nerd goo. I'm embarrassed by how excited I am for this movie now. In just under two minutes I went from jaded, "Meh, I might see it," to, "PUT THIS MOVIE IN MY FACEHOLES RIGHT NOW." I'm so lame. I have no excuses. I'm one of the mass of Star Wars fans yet again, completely in the bag. The whole trailer is perfect. The practical effects. That pan of the crashed X-Wing and then ohmygodisthatacrashedStarDestroyedholycrapholycrap! Luke's voice over. The suggested promise of Leia using the Force. The cool dogfighting shots. BB8 (see below mini gush on BB8). And then that ending. THAT ENDING, YOU GUYS! Not fair. Not fair. Not fair.
Shut up, my eyes are just sweating is all. Shut up.
 BB8 Gush- BB8 is the new droid that is going to live in my son's heart like R2 lives in mine. He looks CG because he's a ball droid with a head that swivels independently of the body. He looks like magic. No way that's live action. Except it is! Look, here is it on stage at the Star Wars Celebration meeting R2.

How cool is that? Answer- AMAZINGLY cool**. BB8 is going to be the Dancing Baby Groot for this Christmas. BB8 insures that Force Awakens is going to make more money than any movie in history faster than any movie in history. I tweeted recently that we don't have a word for how much money it's going to make. I suggested a Forceload and someone else came back with Sithton, which I also like.

Anyway, I'm going to nerd all over you about Star Wars during #WeirdEd. You don't have to be deeply familiar with the series to participate.

*Yeah, the new Kirk isn't Kirk at all, he's the Kirk that we joke about. Watch the original series or any of the movies. Kirk wasn't a prick. He was a leader who earned his leadership and /rants for days and days/


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