Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fake He's the Weird Teacher Reviews

So twitter got really really silly tonight. I decided to fool around and post a few #FakeHtWTReviews making fun of the book and having a good time. The people who follow me are hilarious and took up the challenge with an energy that couldn't be stopped or contained.
Favorites include

 I know his mom and she asked for a favor, what else could I do... 3 stars

Catherine D @Catherine_D2013
I found a free copy at the drs office when I was there dealing with that awkward itch problem, thought why not 3 stars

Mr. Wolski @WolskiMr 
I was staring at his hypnotizing eyes on the cover every time I picked it up but I never read it. 5 stars

  Brian @btcostello05 
The 1st page was gr8. So gr8 I was affraid the rest would be a let down. So I stopped reading 4⭐️

Angela @robritzon 
I replaced hotel bibles with this book. 5 stars

Justin @JustinAion 
"My dyslexia lead me to believe it was about a cyborg educator. Disappointed. 1star."

  Mr. Wolski @WolskiMr 
Women who are pregnant or might be pregnant should not handle this book. 5 stars.

Aaron White @sholvah2010 
"The Book Club will now be ending because there is nothing left to be written." - Oprah Winfrey...5 stars

If you like the funny follow the link and read the rest. 

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