Tuesday, April 22, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 2- Positive Discipline


 One of my major edu-soapboxes is Discipline. Anyone who has read my book (He's the Weird Teacher) knows it's one of my favorite things to jump up and down about. I've seen it done inspiringly well and I've seen it done in ways that make me hate fellow teachers and think things like, "I hope you drown in a fire."
I am a student of, disciple of, zealot of, loud annoying guy on the street corner with a megaphone of Positive Discipline. Being positive in my classroom, keeping things more smile than frown, more laugh than shout, and more up than down, is a goal of mine. Of course, kids are not always the little angels we want them to be and they must be corrected. How I do that without destroying the Happy Bubble of Happiness we have created together is a delicate, important process. I'd argue it is equally as important as how I actually teach the material. A classroom environment creates a learning environment (two different things? I think maybe. Sounds good though, doesn't it?). Some teachers are happy with a hardcore, tight-fisted discipline plan. That's not The Weird Teacher Way. We are about unicorns and rainbows and STILL having total control over the classroom and STILL taking full responsibility for the attitude of the kids inside the classroom.
It's nearing the end of the year. We're tired. I'm tired. I snap at behaviors I wouldn't have snapped at months ago. It feels like now is the perfect time for a Positive Discipline chat.

**Things to Think About**
What is your discipline plan? How do you communicate it? What are your triggers? How flexible are you? Where did your plan and philosophy come from? How has it changed over the years? How often do you smile? How often do the kids smile? Are there things that are irredeemable in your room? When have you overreacted?

***Here is the link to the Qs***


  1. I see I will already be behind in the chat since you know, I haven't read the book yet. But it is paid for and on it's way. Looking forward to a great discussion tonight. :)

  2. This sounds fabulous!! Someone send me caffeine or a 5 hour energy to help me stay up! :) need to get your book!