Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 10- A Weirdeder-Led Experiment

#WeirdEd is always an experiment. Sometimes it's an experiment in foolishness, sometimes it's to see how serious a topic we can cover respectfully (which you all did incredibly).

This week I'm on vacation. My first thought was that means there would be no #WeirdEd this week. The family I'm with would not be thrilled with my disappearing for an hour.

However, after a talk with a few loyal Weirdeders has me convinced we can experiment with a Weirdeder-led, Doug-less #WeirdEd.

So here's the plan: If you want to ask a question write it in the comments section below. That way there's a little bit of organization and the chat isn't just a free-for-all of Qs and As flying all over the place for an hour. I think that would be interesting, but it would also get old and confusing really quickly.

At 7PST open the blog and check out the Q list in the comments section. Whoever wrote the first Q gets to ask it. Then whoever wrote the second Q gets to ask it. Repeat. No theme for the Qs, no time-limit on how long a discussion on each Q goes. Have fun. Be respectful. One Q per person please, unless it is getting close to time and the list is thin.

Let's experiment.


  1. I may be a little late to chat so someone else may have to post question. Hope it makes sense! What are some things you would like to ask the teachers that have your students before you do to do with the students to make sure they are best prepared for your class? For example, I would share things I would like pre-school teachers to do with students. :)

  2. 2A. What prompted you to become a teacher? 2B. Was there a eureka moment or a gradual realization? 2C. Why do you self-identify as a Weirdeder?

  3. If I am long gone to the abyss of dream land, someone can ask and I'll check back!! :)

    You have 2 IPads in your classroom. How do you make the best use of them?

  4. This is something that weighs heavily on my mind, and other new teachers,too, based on conversations with them. I am going to ask the WeirdEd family since they can be trusted. Q4: What do you do as an educator to make sure the new teacher feels safe enough to share ideas? What do you do if you notice that ideas are being shut down or not accepted at all either because scared or "who does this newbie think they are trying to come in here and reinvent the wheel?"

  5. We need a touch of whimsy, people! Q5: Which pop culture leader of children do you most readily associate with? Are you Kotter? Or perhaps a Mrs. Krabappel? How so?

  6. Q6: What is the one line you want written as your epitaph on your teacher tombstone?

  7. Q7: What's your one "Stay Positive" tip?