Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 8- School's Out

I was told by @tritonkory that today's #WeirdEd should be in honor of a certain Alice everyone loves. I couldn't agree more.
So the theme for tonight's #WeirdEd is the one, the only, Alice Cooper. If you haven't figured out why yet maybe you should listen here.

Of course we're going to talk about the one and only Alice Cooper tonight! In honor of school being out for summer, save for those of us teaching summer school (which is a much longer and more unwieldy title), tonight's chat is All Alice. We're going to take some classic Alice tracks and run with them.

Here's a track listing for your listening pleasure:

School's Out
Billion Dollar Babies
I'm Eighteen
Welcome to My Nightmare
Hey Stoopid
Feed My Frankenstein
The Black Widow

Using these rock standards as jumping off points we will be discussing guest speakers, summer trainings, staying young, money in education, dopey classroom stories, taking many pieces of other lessons to create your own, and being in charge. Listen to those songs. Be like Alice in the classroom. Think of new things. Try them out. Whenever anyone does something in rock they think is new you can say, "Nope, Alice did that thirty years ago." Be that teachers. And keep experimenting. Alice's show today is different than his show on any other tour. Similar themes and beats, but a brand new show for a brand new audience. Be Alice.

We might talk about golf too.

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