Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 11: Kid Voices

Dodger Game. Age: Adorable

#WeirdEd this week, as promised, will be a little lighter and more fun than two weeks ago. We always talk about giving the students a voice. Kids having voices is important. But what about us? What about our inner child? You know, the one you let run rampant all the time (or at least Weds nights from 7-8pst). What about their voices?
#WeirdEd is about them. Us. The Them inside of Us. Unless you're pregnant. Because that kid doesn't have an opinion on the education system yet. Your fetus is as informed about the education system as Christy Clark is, but cares more about teachers (shout-out to my #bced brothers and sisters, keep the faith).
So this week I want you to pick an age and run with it. We are reverting, answering questions as though we are the children we once were (and, let's be honest, still are some of the time).

**Things to think about**
Who is the best superhero? Tetherball is the best recess game. Memorizing is hard but the teacher makes me do it. How do you do it? Is school boooooring? What's going on with the teacher's shoes? You didn't tag me. Nuh uh! No, I moved. Taggin my shirt doesn't countNOITDOESN'T! We got a lot of computers in class. How come we don't use 'em? I don't like that teacher, she's scary.

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