Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 21- Candy

#WeirdEd this week is about candy. Because the last week or more on twitter has been brutal and I need some candy. Between watching Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian become punching bags for manchildren masquerading as gamers, the ongoing injustice of Ferguson, a child killing someone with an Uzi, and the sexual abuse of stealing and posting a female celebrity's private pictures I need a break.

Oh yeah, and school starting. Which is never stressful.

I want to cover gender issues in this space. And more racial issues. And more equality. And LGBT issues. All things that education alone can work to solve. We are going to hit these things because we have to.

But not this week. I want to do those heavy lifting chats because this group has proved twice now (three times if we count eulogizing Robin Williams) that we can handle it with aplomb and grace and intelligence and openness. But they are hard and dark and a downer and #WeirdEd should not be a downer.

We deserve goodness and light because there is no much goodness and light in the world. We deserve sweetness and smoothness. We deserve peanuts and caramel mixed in.

We deserve a chat about candy.

Because teaching should be a tasty treat. Of course it's not all candy, that'll rot your students' teeth out of their heads. But here in #WeirdEd world we have earned candy.

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