Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 22- Other Parts of the Job

There is so much more to teaching than teaching. So many things that we do that we were never trained for. Extra jobs, bonus hats, picked up positions, and gopher goodies. We knew going in that teaching would be about lesson planning and books and tests and projects and talking and listening. 
But what about all the stuff we didn't know? How many things that you do on a weekly or daily basis are things you didn't expect, things you don't think fall under the umbrella of Teacher. Or, because now you're used to it, what things are teachers that you never expected but now you feel are integral parts of the job?
Now we are all back in school and, hopefully, finding our footing. Which means now is when we are remembering alllll the stuff we might have forgotten about our profession. There are things that happen during the day that I think, "Oh yeah, this is a thing I do too." I'm on my ninth year (wow...really?) and I still forget all kinds of stuff. 
Tonight let's talk about what we never realized we need to do. The jobs hidden in jobs and the things that aren't really jobs at all. 

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