Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#WeirdEd Week 22- Misstakes

Tooday we are goig to talk about mistakes.Mistakes aer an everyday part ov a teechurs' life. We deel with them allthe time and we also make them al the tym. Corrrecting misteaks is basically our job a wholelot.

(I'm stopping that now, I know it's killing you. it's killing me too.*)

So how do we deal with students when they make a mistake? How do we learn from our own mistakes? Mistakes a re a part of life, that's easy to say. But really, constant mistakes are frustrating in the extreme. It's why I deal with children. I understand when a child makes the same mistake a bunch of times. But an adult? Why haven't you learned yet?

There are all kinds of interesting, funny, sad, and really really funny mistakes kids and grown ups make. There are proper ways to learn from them and damaging ways to learn from them. We make mistakes in front of our kids (yes, this will be a question so start thinking now).

Mistakes are learning. I tell my kids the only reason I have a job is because they don't know everything yet. I want them to make mistakes, that way I know what they are thinking and how to best help them. I beg for mistakes. Mistakes show effort.

So let's talk about the times we've screwed up. We've messed up. We've made classroom errors both big and small. Let's be honest about our Derp so the kids can be honest about theirs.

*all the questions are going to look like that though

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