Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 69- This Is Not a Test

Guest Moderator- Jose Vilson

Thank you, Doug, for inviting me to speak to your people on the WeirdEd chat. I was inspired to take part because I found myself needing to push the conversation further about race and so many of its intersections. Often, we catch ourselves in conundrums when we don’t speak directly to these issues, and that’s when things get weird. On the one end, we implore our kids to push the boundaries, go beyond their world view, and do better by each other. Yet, we as adults have a hard time doing so when it gets uncomfortable. How do we model that for students?

Let’s find out for #WeirdEd.

Notes for the chat

Tonight's chat is going to be different from other #WeirdEds (I almost said "normal" #WeirdEds) in that it will come in two parts. Jose is going to be asking us questions but I also wanted him to, and he wanted to, talk about his book This Is Not a Test. This chat then is going to be a mash-up between me, as moderator, asking Jose questions about his book and us throwing follow-ups towards him, and him asking us questions like a regular #WeirdEd. It's a two-fer.

We'll start with Jose answering Qs about This Is Not a Test, which we can all have a conversation about. That'll be three questions. Then we'll move to him asking us questions. The set up is a lot like our chat with Bobak Ferdowsi.

I'm going to differentiate the questions (even though it'll be pretty obvious from the wording) by marking my questions to Jose as J1, J2, etc. And his questions for us will be the traditional Q1, Q2.

I'm thrilled Jose has come to share with us and I know we know what kind of a community we are. Many thanks to Jose. Buy his book.

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