Tuesday, August 25, 2015

#WeirdEd Week 71- Strong Beginnings

"It was the best of times, it was the BLURST of times?!?"
For most of us the school year has just started or is just about to start. Personally, I just finished two days of new teacher training (new to the district is still new) and I spent all day today in my classroom fretting over what goes where and when did I get all this stuff? If all is going according to plan I have already had one quiet total freak out about not being ready as well.

With the new year here all of us are ready to rock and roll. There's always talk of starting the year strong, as there should be. The first week sets the tone, and we all want that tone to be a good one. Will the kids like me? Will they see how much work I put in? Did I put in enough work? Why isn't that red bulletin board blue? It should have been blue. Everything is ruined now. Did I remember to tell them my name yet?

In the spirit of new beginnings tonight's chat is going to use famous first lines. There is little more important in grabbing someone's attention than a great opening line. It's a skill. Think back to your favorite books and authors. I guarantee there's some killer opening lines. I'll supply the Quote*, then I want you to synthesize it into something to do with teaching or your classroom. This is #WeirdEd and I'm not going to hold your hand. You be creative. Stretch yourself. You want to make an impression with your kids, we're practicing flexible mindset right here right now.

For bonus points you will also name the thing that the first line is the first line of.

My favorite first line will be in the chat. Can you guess which it is? I will share my second favorite opening line ever. Do you know what it's from?

"The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed."

*This way I can still use Q1 for Quote 1. Golly Doug, you're so creative and clever. I know, I know. Please stop, you're embarrassing yourself.

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