Tuesday, June 7, 2016

#WeirdEd Week 106- Programming with Wokka (and Sam Patterson)

[Weird-In-Chief Note: My entire family is sick, is getting over sick, or is freshly not sick, so the chat wasn't going to be done by me this week. When I can't do it, who better to ask than a puppet? I'm happy Wokka and Sam are able to help us out this week. Post by Wokka.]

As a puppet, I don’t blog much, but Doug says this is just a teaser to get you thinking. (and Doug knows from teasers) The thing is, we can do stuff in the classroom we have never been able to do before, like 360 pictures and green screening and drone flying- so many cool things.

Has this changed the learning in your room? Has this shifted the goals you set for your learners? We are talking the SHIFT that CODE has imposed on the thinking we can do.

But do we do it? How to can do? What do you do? Shoe bee do bee do tutu.

What are the things they do when they do them with you? How do they do the things you have not yet imagined them doing?

How can you support the learning students need to do to meet the challenges no one has yet imagined? And which standards does that address?  How can we use programming as a smokescreen to dismantle the institutionalized classism of education? What are the critical difference between a hawk and a handsaw?

Please think carefully before tweeting as we at #WeirdEd have a mouser fluffing image to maintain.

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