Wednesday, June 29, 2016

#WeirdEd Week 109- BREXIT

Doug Note- Tonight's chat will be about Brexit and it written by Rebecca Stacey. She will also be moderating the chat because I'll be on an airplane or in an airport. If the formatting of this is goofy blame my tablet.
Let's be clear - there were hints that Britain might leave the EU - there were suggestions that Nigel Farage might have captured a feeling of unrest - still we didn't really think it would happen. 
But, here we are. And so, there must be many questions for those watching us. For our friends at #wierded - let us see if we answer them.
What has actually happened?
We have voted to leave the European Union.  This is centred around issues of our common market, movement of people, EU parliament and common laws. Most notably though, for much of the campaign, it was about the free movement of people across Europe. There are currently 28 members of the Europen Union. Each country have representative members of the European Parliament (MEP's) and the countries take it in turns to lead the Parliament.  
Why have we done this?
This is the million dollar question. Because laws were being inflicted on the whole of Europe that were no longer relevant? Because the movement of people put massive strain on our schools and hospitals? Because we resented paying into the union, and the bureaucratic cost that was incurred? The 'leave' campain had many, many reasons. 
Any controversy?
Oh yes. We were warned of various outcomes but the real controversy here are the campaigns themselves. Dogged with awful imagery, racism, ( downright lies and politicians who couldn't get on with each other. Very sadly, an MP lost her life. The winning side is, as we speak, deleting claims made on their website and denying promises that they made - such as being able to spend £350m a week on our NHS. 
What happens next?
In short, we don't know. The world media watches on as we untangle ourselves from thirty years of laws. Businesses watch in worry and both of our leading political parties are engulfed in leadership tussles. Racist incidents have risen on our streets and the leaders of the 'leave' campaign look like a couple of naughty schoolboys. The banks have a plan (don't they always) - but the communities who voted 'out' cannot agree on why they did. Cries of 'go home' to anyone who looks out of place are reported whilst on social media teachers argue about elitism. In short, unchartered waters.
For schools
Well, we're short of government at the minute and so we think there may be delays to the many changes that are currently going through. However there is much uncertainty over the future. Children are scared by reports of racism and teaching inclusivity and diversity has never been more important. 
Future? Who knows! We are already in the grips of a teacher shortage - this won't help! A recession will hit budgets hard, and many are feeling a bit low, to be honest. 
I invite others to add their views to this piece - remember I'm trying to explain it to our American colleagues, not continue a divisive and worn argument - we've got twitter for that

Rebecca Stacey

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